What will happen when customers choose Refund to Discount Code as their resolution?


Synctrack Returns & Exchanges offers shoppers a refund method by using a discount code.

Therefore, shoppers can use this code to continue shopping in the merchant's store.

How does Refund to Discount Code work?

  1. Merchants set up this method with the Synstrack Return & Exchange app. Click Settings > Refund & Exchange > Refund Resolution and set up prefix, value, and enable notification to shoppers.

  1. Set up notifications to shoppers

Merchants need to verify email by checking the "Sender info" tab in Notifications.

Then, enable notification templates for discount code.

  1. When shoppers create a return request with the option "Refund to discount code". They can check in the portal

  1. You can find and check the request details by going to the tab Management. The resolution in the request would be "Refund to Discount Code". After you approve that return request, the button "Refund" will appear.

If you click the "Submit" button, customers will be notified about discount code details via email. After submitting, a discount code will be auto-generated on your Shopify admin with the value: Fixed amount (Fixed amount value is equal to the percentage of return value you set up in the Refund Resolution). For example, a customer returns 1 order worth $100. The seller setup discount value is 10%. When the seller issues this discount, 1 discount code will be redeemed, which is $10.

Shoppers can use this code to get a discount on the next order.

Don't hesitate to contact our support team via live chat or contact@omegatheme.com for quick assistance if you have any questions.

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