🔁Exchange Notifications

Why use Exchange Notifications?

Exchange Notification is a feature that helps merchants send emails to their customers.

With Exchange Notification, you can send notifications about:

  • Exchange request received: Sent when an exchange request is submitted successfully

  • Exchange request approved: Sent when an exchange request is approved

  • Exchange request rejected: Sent when an exchange request is rejected

  • Items exchanged: Sent when exchange items are marked as received

  • Shipped the exchanged item: Sent when the merchant ships the exchange item to the shopper

  • Exchange request resolved: Sent when this type of request is marked as resolved

Customize Exchange Notification feature

To enable/disable each notification sent to customers, please click on this button to switch the status.

To edit the content of each type of message, please click on the “edit” button

On the “Content Editor”:

  • List of variations to add to your email. You can choose all variations or none of them.

  • “Subject” is the field where you can edit the title of this message.

  • “Body” is the field where you can add detailed messages & suitable variations according to order status

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