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Why use Return Method?

With Synctrack Returns & Exchanges, shoppers can decide how they wish to handle the returned items.

The 4 return methods are:

  • Ship with pre-paid label

  • Ship with any carrier

  • No shipment required

  • Return to store location

When setting up, you have to select at least one return method.

While submitting a returns request, shoppers will be asked to choose a return method.

Customize Resolution methods

Step 1: Go to Settings > Select Return Method > Select your methods

Step 2 (Optional): You can also customize the display description and shipping instructions.

Step 3: Save your changes.

*Please note that if you enable Return notification, the content of the “shipping instruction” you added will be displayed in the "Return request approve" email in place of the variable of "Shipping instruction". For example:

It will also be displayed in the returns portal for customers after you approve their request.

For example:

Set up ship with pre-paid label?

The Ship with Pre-paid Label return method enables you to send a pre-paid label to your customers for shipping their items back with a carrier of your choice.

Why use ship with pre-paid label?

  • Speed up the shipping process and make it more convenient for both merchants and shoppers.

  • Smooth returns and ensure that the packages reach the merchants safely

Step by step to set up pre-paid label methods:

Step 1: Go to Settings > Select Return Method > Turn on “Ship with pre-paid label”.

Step 2: Enter the display description and shipping instructions.

Step 3: For the first time using this option, to save and active it, please click on the green arrow to complete 3 required settings:

  • Courier connection

  • Warehouse address

  • Shipping fee

For Courier connection > Connect here > Go to the tab Logistics & connect to the courier of your choice > Enter the required credentials to finish connecting the courier.

For Warehouse address> Input here > Go to tab Store settings > Enter the required credentials to finish connecting courier (Please enter all the information with red star marks) > Save.

For the shipping fee, Choose whether you or shoppers bear the shipping fee based on return reasons.

Enable if you want shoppers to pay a shipping fee. Disable if you pay the shipping fee for specific return reasons.

Step 4: Save your changes. Once set, you can start using it as the default return method in your Return Setting.

Note: This feature is only available for use in the Return process, not included in the Exchange process.

How to add Pre-paid label details to calculate the shipping fee?

When shoppers choose the Pre paid label method, the estimated shipping fee will appear in the return portal. Depending on the return reason, the shipping fee will be calculated for each item or marked as 0$. The fee will be the total shipping fee of all items in request.

Add Pre-paid label details to calculate the shipping fee:

Step 1: Go to Return management board > Choose the return request

Step 2: Fill in the package size & total weight of items returned > Calculate the shipping rate. The shipping fee in default is generated based on weight.

After you approve the return request, shoppers will receive an email with a specific shipping fee for the pre-paid label and a PDF file of the label to download & print. Or they can download the PDF from the return portal.

Don't hesitate to contact our support team via live chat or contact@omegatheme.com for quick assistance if you have any questions.

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