How To Reject A Return Request?

When merchants receive a return request, they can reject this request by clicking the 'Reject' button in Return Management Details if it does not meet their store's policy for return & exchange.

You can fill in the reason (optional) and please note that you verified the sender info, and allowed to "Send email notification to the customer"

Also, you need to enable the notification templates for "Return request rejected" and the content "Reject reason" will be added and displayed in the "Return request rejected" email in place of the variable of {{!! reject_reason !!}}.

After you click the "Confirm" button, the return request status will change and the customer will receive a notification for these changes.

If not via email, customers can also check the status of the return request and reject reason by going to the return page > Enter “Order Number” and “Email or PhoneNumber” > Find your order.

Follow our steps in this video tutorial to reject the return request:

Don't hesitate to contact our support team via live chat or for quick assistance if you have any questions.

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