Exchange Management

Exchange statuses and the process flow of exchange management.

Step by step of the exchange management process flow

  • Create an exchange request: There are two ways to create an exchange request for merchants and shoppers. Go to the branded return page > Enter “Order Number” and “Email or PhoneNumber” > Find your order > Exchange and follow the instructions.

  • Go to the exchange management board: Go to management > Exchange tab, and you can see all the shoppers' exchange requests. Click on this request to be redirected to the exchange management detail.

  • Approve / Reject: You can "Approve" or "Reject" to accept or deny it.

Ensure you verified the sender's info and enabled all exchange notification templates to connect with your shoppers.

If the shoppers choose the return method "Ship with the pre-paid label", you can upload a label based on the carriers you connected in the "Logistic tab". They contain FedEx, Shippo, EasyPost, Shiprocket, and DelhiveryOne (Coming soon). You can upload now, manually, or later.

  • Mark as received: Merchants can click the "Mark as received" if they received the items from the shoppers.

  • Mark as restocked: Merchants can click on "Mark as restocked" if the items were shipped to their warehouse. This is separate and does not affect the process flow to exchange management.

  • Create an exchange order: After the merchant receives the items, they can create an exchange order, which will be made depending on the difference compared to the new item on the Shopify order admin. Then, they shipped the exchange item to the customers.

  • Resolved the exchange request: After shipping the exchange items to the customer, merchants can click "Resolve" to end this exchange request.

That is the process flow of exchange management, if you need any help, contact our chat support team now via live chat or email

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