💡Return Reason

Why use Return reason?

  • Easily create reasons to return orders for your customers

  • Require information (comments, videos/images) to know why orders are returned.

Step by step to create return reasons list

  • On Return Drive left navigation bar, click Settings > Return reasons.

  • We have some default reasons for you, to edit or delete the unnecessary reasons, please click here

  • To make other reasons on your return reasons list, select “Add reason”

  • Type the “Reason name”. You can add “Sub-reason” names optionally. Active comments and image fields on your returns page or not. In each field, click “Require” or “Optional” whether or not you want the fields mandatory filled by customers.

  • Choose “Save” and reasons are created successfully.

  • While returning orders, your customers will see the full list of your return reasons like this.

  • With each reason, they will see the field to add comments and images to describe why the orders need to be returned.

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