How to Connect with FedEx?

How to connect your FedEx account to generate return labels?

1. What is a return label?

A return label is a ticket adhered to a box or mailer that includes an address, shipping barcode, and other information that a shipping carrier uses to identify the destination and track the package, so it gets returned to the seller or appropriate warehouse.

2. Step by step to connect with FedEx.

a. Create a FedEx API Project

Login to the FedEx Developer account

Go to "My Projects" > "Create an organization"

After you create an organization, you have "Manage Organization" tab like that:

Then, click "My Projects" > "Create a project"

Enable APIs to create a project and choose the "NEXT" button.

Click on the "CREATE" button to confirm details.

Then, you can get "API KEY", "ACCOUNT NUMBER" and "SECRET KEY" to connect with FedEx in the Synctrack Returns & Exchanged app.

API KEY, ACCOUNT NUMBER, and SECRET KEY must be created during production. If you use "Test Key", you can not connect FedEx in the app. Please switch to "Production Key" and follow the instructions.

b. Put the FedEx API information in the Synctrack Returns & Exchanges App and click "Connect". Then, enable FedEx (Active) to use when uploading an automatic return request label.

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