Exchange resolution

Why use the Exchange feature?

The Exchange feature allows customers to exchange a product for a better customer experience.

There are 3 exchange options in “Returns Drive”:

  • Exchange for the same product: Returns Drive auto-recognizes the item & offers the customer the same product

  • Exchange for different sizes/colors: Shoppers can quickly choose the other size/color item displayed on the return portal

  • Exchange for the different products: shoppers can search & browse for the item they want directly on the return portal

Enable exchange feature

  • Navigate to Settings > Exchange

  • Choose your suitable exchange options (Pick at least one option)

  • To add more instructions for customers regarding price differences during an exchange, simply input your instructions for this exchange option.

It’s recommended to provide clearer and more concise instructions to your customers to ensure they understand the process. By doing this, you can help to prevent any confusion or misunderstandings and ensure that your customers have a positive experience with your store

  • Click “Save” to save your changes.

  • To notify shoppers of every step of the exchange process, go to “Notification” > “Exchange Notifications” and switch on statuses.

When making an exchange request (for different items), the customer can search & pick the exchange item directly at the return portal.

Don't hesitate to contact our support team via live chat or for quick assistance if you have any questions.

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