Bonus Credit


Bonus credit is based on the merchant's amount and conditions.

The bonus credit can be set as either a fixed amount or a percentage, and it will be added to each exchange request. (*If set as a percentage, the bonus credit will be calculated based on the subtotal price.)

How does bonus credit work?

a. Set up in the app

Go to Settings > Promotion > Bonus credit and set up the amount and condition that meet your needs.

Please set up a clear description to help your customers understand how bonus credit works and how they will have advantages when they choose exchange requests.

b. In the portal

When you enable bonus credit promotion and fill in the amount that is greater than 0, the customer will see a suggestion in the portal.

When the customers place an exchange request, they will receive an additional bonus credit based on the subtotal price.

Here is the bonus credit shown on management in the app:

This is the video that instructs how to set up the promotion feature for exchange requests and how the promotion works in the portal:

Don't hesitate to contact our support team via live chat or for quick assistance if you have any questions.

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