Returns Drive
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📈Analytics Dashboard

Data analysis is crucial from a financial standpoint because it is the easiest approach to discovering your company’s issues and the way to resolve them.
Returns Drive presents detailed data, enabling users to take the necessary steps to enhance return management.
If this is your first time coming to Returns Drive app, please go to the “Get started” section for the fastest setup instructions.

How to check the Dashboard of Returns Drive?

On Returns Drive Dashboard, all the Data based on the default settings will be displayed.
Please select the time period you want for the data to be displayed correctly.
Available options for you are:
  • Today
  • Yesterday
  • Last 7 days
  • Last 30 days
  • This month
  • Last month
This section shows the essential data of your returns, including
  • Total return requests: the total amount of requests in the time range chosen
  • Rate of return: the percentage of Total return requests/ orders in the time range chosen
  • Return value: the value of returns
  • Total items approved: the number of items which is returned and have been approved
This section shows the change in data compared to the last period.
If you want to build new features to manage your return orders more efficiently, go to the “Feature voting” tab.
Check all the details of your returns in this section to know which days you have the most return orders and which day items are approved.
Besides “Return request” chart, you can also see the graph of “Rate of return”, “Return value” and “Return approved”.
Top return reasons: To know what is the most common reasons shoppers want to return orders back, check this chart.
Select this button and choose the suitable type to download the chart.
Top products returned: To know which products have the highest rate of return, check this chart
Select this button and choose the suitable type to download the chart