Management Board

With Returns Drive you can manage and process all your customer return and exchange requests in one Management board.

Two tabs on the navigation page correspond to two requests for the Synctrack Returns & Exchange app: Return Request and Exchange Request Management.

For each tab, at the right menu, you can see all the return requests that can be filtered by Resolution, Shipping status, Return reason, Return methods, and more filters.

To add a filter, click the search & filter icon > add a filter.

You can also get return or exchange requests within the last 180 days, last 30 days, last 7 days, last month, this month, yesterday, etc.

These are the statuses of a return request in Synctrack Returns & Exchanged:

These are the statuses of an exchange request in Synctrack Returns & Exchanges:

The process flow of return management is as follows:

Pending approval ➡️Approved/Rejected ➡️Shipped (Received) ➡️Refunded ➡️Resolved.

If you need any help regarding customization for your return page, contact our chat support team now via live chat or email

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