🔄Shopify Sync

Shopify Sync seamlessly connects Returns Drive to your Shopify store, allowing returns orders and information to sync between both platforms. You will be able to manage all return orders in one place. This powerful tool will simplify your return management & boost efficiency.

Activate Shopify Sync

Step 1: Open the Returns Drive App > Settings > General settings tab.
Step 2: To enable “Shopify Sync.", first you will need to permit us to access the Return scope by clicking on the “click here” hyperlink and accepting it on Shopify.
Step 3: Then you will be redirected to "General setting" tab or you can simply reload the initial page to enable the feature
NOTE: Returns Drive can only sync returns orders that are created after you activate Shopify Sync.

Return request synced to Shopify

Now, when a buyer creates a return request using the Returns Drive App, it will automatically sync with Shopify.
This return request will be assigned the order tag "ReturnsDrive."
Whether you choose to accept or reject the request, It will be automatically updated to Shopify. This information will also appear in the order timeline in Shopify.

Refund Through Shopify

After enabling Shopify Sync, you will be able to
Step 1: Go to the Returns Drive App > Management > Returns > Navigate to the specific order
Step 2: Click on Refund and choose "Refund on Shopify".
Step 3: You will be directed to a new tab where you can proceed to refund the order on Shopify. Changes will be synced to Returns Drive.

Synchronization with Shopify Returns

The synchronization also works in the opposite direction. Any return orders created in Shopify will be synchronized with Returns Drive with the tag “Return from Shopify”
Changes you make to the return orders will be synced between platforms and appear in the order timeline in Shopify.
With the Shopify Sync feature, you can effortlessly manage return requests in one place. It's a game-changer for the return management process. Enjoy the convenience!
If you have any questions or issues, please contact our customer support via live chat or [email protected].